I'm kind of hiring. Kind of? Yeah, this is still a one-man operation. Let's make this a many-person operation.

Do you write on a typewriter? Do you take photographs of typewriters? It's all good. Are you interested in perfume? Have you been fascinated by your sense of smell since you were knee-high to a grasshopper? Or have you recently just discovered a scented itch that you can't quite scratch. ODOU might be for you.


You could be a budding writer or seasoned journalist, blogger or author. You should have complete fluency in English and a flair that sets you apart. You might be asked to do interviews digitally or in person or write an article delving into the olfactory. It'd be a bonus if you understood the perfume industry or know your lavender from your labdanum. If you live here in London, fantastic. If you live on distant shores, not a problem. We can chat online and keep in touch through email. Deadlines aren't tight here, but it'd be helpful if you can work towards them. Bonus points if you can pitch article ideas, I'm all ears.

There is a catch. I can't pay you. I know, this sounds like a scam and a farce and I've been there myself; "Can't you do it for free?" It's not nice to be asked this no matter what your profession is. This is why I'm kind of hiring. The truth is, next year will hopefully be an exciting year for ODOU. For now, I need helping hands and you might want to pop on board to fulfil this with me. If things kick off there would be a paying role here.

Throw away the CV, you don't have to give me your LinkedIn profile. Just email me with why you'd like to get involved.