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Magazine images photographed by Alexia Villard

In issue 4 we go on a chronological perfume narrative. Beginning with raw materials like ambergris and myrtle,  Mandy Aftel and Hector Villeda-Martinez describe what makes them unique.

We go to perfume school with Dana El Masri and Writer John Preston fears he's smelled the last great Comme des Garçons fragrance – understandably.

Perfumer and Writer Pia Long wants us to move on from ingredients lists whilst Persolaise is searching for weird and otherworldly perfumes in the mainstream market. And Brooke Belldon shares her joy for perfume events with illustrations by Massimo Alfaioli.

I became so enamoured by its aromatic, sea-breeze scent.
— "Myrtle: Aphrodite’s Perfume" by Hector Villeda-Martinez – Issue 4
I looked forward to a new fragrance release from the house in the same way I would a new album from Saint Etienne, Björk or Madonna.
— "The Last Great Comme" by John Preston – Issue 4

Articles in issue 4

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Issue 4 was not possible without the generous support from all the backers of our Indiegogo campaign.

Special shout outs to:

Alex Musgrave
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Hannah Renowden
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Mandy Aftel
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