ODOU issue three is very much a story and interview issue. We go foraging for perfume ingredients with Juniper Ridge – a wilderness fragrance house. Perfumer Vero Kern shares her creative processes and inspiration. Industrial Designer Andrea Strata shows how the experience and story of perfume can be improved and explored further. Take flight with writer Neil Chapman as he journeys through the skies and into the past with Vol de Nuit by Guerlain.

Addiction as a theme for scent seems odd and somewhat frivolous. But bear in mind that many of us are quite obsessed by scent in an alarming way.
— "The Consolation of Dependence" by The Silver Fox – Issue 3
Home smells like us. It comes from the people and products we bring into our lives.
— "The Smell of Home" by Megan Leanne – Issue 3

Articles in issue 3