200 copies of issue one sold

This is great; 200 copies of issue one have been sold this week! The 200th copy made its way to Brisbane, Australia.

This has been a fantastic journey and one I still can't quite believe. ODOU is quite a small dot on the map but it's received some lovely words of praise both on design and content. It wouldn't have been possible without the contributors – those writers, poets and photographers who generously took part. It was a personally rewarding experience working with them and all have a fascinating view regarding smell, perfume and surrounding themes. I only hope to grow the magazine further.

I wanted to let you know that ODOU is an open publication. By this I mean, you don't have to belong in some inner-circle, part of a club or have bags of experience as a journalist, writer, photographer, artist or whatever else – you can contribute to ODOU too. There are many ways of contributing; a story, an interview, an essay, critical writing, photography, fragrance reviews... the list goes on. The Contribute to ODOU page on the website includes many tips and pieces of advice you might need, should you wish to get involved.

Thank you for being a part of ODOU, even just reading the blog or following on twitter, means a lot. So if you want to get involved, head on over to the Contribute to ODOU page and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in issue two!