ODOU issue three

I spent some time getting ODOU issue three just right. I wanted to keep up the high quality content that came before and at the same time, go further. In this issue, the articles are more visual and compelling to read. I introduced introductory paragraphs and refined the layout where possible.

It was great working with all the contributors in this issue, and everyone involved has done a terrific job telling their stories and getting to the heart of some fragrant matters.

Go foraging for perfume ingredients with Juniper Ridge – a wilderness fragrance house based in the west coast of US. Perfumer Vero Kern shares her creative processes and inspiration. Industrial Designer Andrea Strata shows how the experience and story of perfume can be improved and explored further. And take a flight with writer Neil Chapman as he journeys through the skies and into the past with Vol de Nuit by Guerlain.