Basenotes Podcast

A little late to the game with the news, but a few weeks ago I was treated to a tweet regarding the arrival of an overdue podcast from Basenotes. If you don't know what Basenotes is, I urge you to run forth and follow that link. It is a fantastic online community of perfume lovers and all-round fragrance reference guide.

I really enjoyed listening to episode one of the Basenotes podcast. It has a great mix of lighthearted chat and deeper discussion from all those involved.

Grant Osborne, the man behind Basenotes itself, has put together the podcast with guests Odette Toilette, Carla Seipp, Nick Gilbert and Callum Langston-Bolt. Nick and Callum featured in issue one of ODOU, writing fascinating essays about the cross between smell and sound, and a literary look at Thérèse Raquin respectively.

Grant kicks off episode one with the discussion of MMM, Bacon! by Yankee Candle onto Fahrenheit by Dior, Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange and Alien by Thierry Mugler with lots in between (bacon bites anyone?).

You can listen to the podcast directly on the Basenotes podcast page, or by opening it up in iTunes. Geek link: subscribe by RSS too.