Early days


It's early days for ODOU. As I write this, the smell of sweet musk and vanilla is wafting across the living room from my aroma diffuser. The warm comforting smell is adding a bout of reassurance as well as the support I've received getting ODOU off the ground from friends, family and strangers; from advice, encouragement and contributionit's very exciting and received with tremendous gratitude.

I want to start a magazine focusing directly and indirectly on scent and perfume because it's something I would read myself if it already existed. When you're as passionate as I am about smelling things, it can become all consuming and utterly fascinating. Not to mention fun as well. I hope the magazine's readers will feel the same too as they turn the pages and swipe their screens reading all the stories, interviews and imagery.

The best creative work is collaborative work; an aspect of the creative process I enjoy most as it brings out the best in people. I'm hoping this will rub off onto the pages (and digital screens) of ODOU's readers and spark in them a sense of awe and wonder about their own olfactory experiences. The online perfume/scent loving community is a very welcoming and chatty bunch and it's these people who have helped fill the pages of ODOU. I'm sure their enthusiasm will linger and get you to stop and smell the roses.