The Smell of Weather Turning

Words by JL Williams
Photo by Paul Jarvis


Bees are frightened.

Horses run in circles in the corral tossing their manes.
Cows and sheep lie down.

A man in oiled boots
downs a swallow of whisky.
It tastes of honey.

The beekeeper pauses in bay-scented smoke, 
raises her muslin-masked eyes to the sky.
Gold drips from her glove.

Bees drone.  Violet clouds mass.  
Children call for the dog.

The lost sun is a warm spell on the skin
like aftershave, like the scent of rain approaching.

JL Williams is an established, multi-published poet featured in journals such as Poetry Wales, The Wolf, Edinburgh Review, Fulcrum and Stand as well as being included in the New Writing Scotland 30 Anthology and in the SPL’s Best Scottish Poems 2011 Anthology. You can find her at

This article appeared in ODOU issue 1
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