Granny Orkney

Words by David Ross Linklater


I remember the white well kept hair
purple patterned carpet

desk with the finger nipping hatches
cappuccino coloured couch

conservatory where plants & slaters leak
soil & greens & shades of shell 

thick in the fibres of the nostril
 of the garden

gazing out across the water
where jets went vertical

horns slither like slugs
through fog

to the door
& up the walls

into the bowls
in the cupboard

in the kitchen
the wood stove stews vegetable memory.

But mostly of you
sat in your chair like a Queen

always well kept in every sense
I return a year after your death 

& smell shuffling through
the albums of you

the fumes of  
a honeymoon in a double edged motorcycle 

sparkling black & white smile
& brown hair!

Age is so pale!
I turn the pages & see you with friends 

on a beach the clouds absorbed.
I see you before the mad war

already a worldly woman
born for the long haul.

I turn dateless dusty stained pages.
Always smiling 

I see you Mary
I see you now.

David s originally rom the Highlands f Scotland and now esides in Glasgow. He writes poetry and prose nd just finished tudying Professional Writing at City of Glasgow College. You can follow him on twitter @DavidRossLinkla

This article appeared in ODOU issue 3
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